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Rentit4me presents to you an internship cum mentorship program that is bound to take your resume up a notch. It allows you to represent Rentit4me at your campus while introducing it among fellow students and friends with numerous online and offline methods. The Rentit4me Campus Ambassador Program works on an incentive-based method wherein the best performer earns the highest number of incentives.

Duration:     4 Months

Location:    Work-from-home

Rentit4me proudly stands as largest rental marketplace, offering a diverse range of over 26 categories under one roof. It provides an extensive collection of listings, allowing users to take on rent anything they desire. Additionally, on this platform, individuals can easily list their Products/Services to give on rent, providing an excellent opportunity to earn money.

With Rentit4me, you can effortlessly list and monetize various unused assets, including appliances, furniture, jewellery, electronics, gym equipment, musical instruments, cars, bikes, drones, medical equipment, and more. The renting process is hassle-free, involving no paper work and providing a customizable rental period to suit your preferences.

Job ResponsibilitiesSmiley face image

  1. Promote Rentit4me
  2. Scale Student Programs and Campaigns
  3. Collaborate with College Entities
  4. Drive User Engagement
  5. Promote Deals and Offers
  6. Rental Vendor Onboarding
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Benefits of Joining the Campus Ambassador Program

This program allows you to take ownership of your tasks while broadening your horizons and preparing you for the future. Here are some important benefits of joining Rentit4me Campus Ambassador Program.

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An Internship Completion Certificate to boost your resume

Get an opportunity to be mentored by our experts at Rentit4me

Get access to exclusive deals and offers online

A personal recommendation from our Founders for outstanding performers

Opportunity to get a full time internship at Rentit4me

Be entitled to receive cash incentives every month

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Incentive Mechanism


  1. Referral Rewards: Earn incentives for referring friends and classmates to join Rentit4me. Earn every time you acquire a transacting user

  2. 0-50 Users – INR 40 per user

  3. 50-100 Users – INR 50 per user

  4. 100 or more Users – INR 75 per user

Order Booking for Taking on Rent

  1. Discount Coupons: Ambassadors receive special discount codes for their own rentals or to share with their network.

Listings for Giving
on Rent

  1. Featured Listings: Ambassadors' referral listings get INR 50/Listing (Approved by our Team)

Marketing content
creation & Online
Brand Awareness

  1. Content Creation Rewards: Receive merchandise or Gift vouchers for creating engaging and shareable content related to Rentit4me’s offerings, benefits, testimonials

  2. Social Media Features: Ambassadors get featured on Rentit4me's official social media platforms.

  3. Social Media Challenges: Tag your friends on Rentit4me posts.

Local Vendor

  1. Create a list of local vendors dealing in Rentals in your city.

  2. Onboard Rental Local Vendors

  3. INR 200 / Vendor (Approved by our Team)

Who can apply?

We welcome applications from individuals who meet the following criteria:

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Age Requirement:
Minimum 18 years of age

Educational Background:
Currently pursuing graduate or post-graduate degrees.

How to apply?

To register for the Rentit4me Campus Ambassador Program, you can either be an existing or a new user at Rentit4me. Whether you are a final year student or a fresh graduate, any student can apply for this summer internship program. Follow the below-mentioned steps to register for this program online:

  1. Click on the below mentioned 'Apply Now' button
  2. Fill in the necessary details and click on Submit
  3. You will then receive an interview call
  4. Once you get selected, you will receive a selection email
  5. You can then get started with the program

If you are still looking for more information about Rentit4me Campus Ambassador Program, please feel free to reach us at sales@rentit4me.com

About Us

Rentit4me "R4ME" stands out as the leading rental marketplace. Rentit4me boasts an extensive collection of listings, allowing users to find and rent things they need. Whether it's home appliances on rent, jewellery on rent, electronic items on rent, furniture on rent, gym equipment on rent, musical instruments on rent, cars & bikes on rent, drones on rent, medical equipment on rent, or countless other items, Rentit4me offers a seamless and hassle-free renting process.

Additionally, Rentit4me also provides an opportunity where individuals can effortlessly rent out their possessions by doing a free listing on Rentit4me and generate income.

There's no paperwork involved, and you have the flexibility to customize the rental period according to your preferences. Start listing and monetizing your unused assets with Rentit4me today!

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