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1. Why Rentit4me?

Rentit4me (R4ME) is the largest rental marketplace that allows people to Give On Rent or Take on rent. The platform offers:
  • 1. No paperwork: As an owner, just list the products you want to rent and as a renter, simply, book the products online you want on rent and relax.
  • 2. Customized Rental Period- Now you can decide the rental duration as per your requirement, starting from as low as a day to a few years.
  • 3. Wide range of products: Our rental platform includes a wide range of product categories, from Home appliances & Electronics to Baby Utilities, from Electronics and Musical Instruments to Fitness Equipment or Wedding decorations. The list is endless. You think of a category, and you will find it here.
  • 4. Door step Delivery: No need to visit the owner to get a product on rent. The product will be picked from the owner and will be delivered at the renter’s doorstep.
  • 5. Earn from your Extras: You can give on rent (rent-out) & everything from that extra sofa, musical keyboard, and your grown-up kid’s toys that you bought with great joy, but now you don’t need them. Simply rent them out to someone and share your joys.

2. How does Rentit4me work?

  • Rentit4Me is the only platform where one can Give On Rent (give your extra / unused products on rent) as well as Take things on rent (Rent In) anywhere, anytime.

3. Why should I Give On Rent on Rentit4me?

Rentit4me is the first website that offers products on rent for minimum one day and maximum for few years.
  • Rentit4me is trustworthy and facilitates safe and reliable transactions.
  • Rentit4me protects users personal information
  • Rentit4me offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and understand.
  • Mandatory KYC verification for all users
  • 24x7 customer support available
  • 4. How To Give On Rent a Product on Rentit4me?

    Rentit4me(R4ME) works as follows for the product owners:
    • 1. Register or sign up on Rentit4me.
    • 2. Click pictures of the product / property you want to give on rent and click on Give on Rent. Select the appropriate category from List Product or List Property.
    • 3. Create a listing for the item you want to Give On Rent by posting your ad on Rentit4me. In the Pricing details section, you can click on the Rent Calculator to get the suggestive rental amount and security amount by entering the product category, purchase price and purchase year.
    • 4. Complete the listing and wait for your listed item to be approved by the admin within 24 hrs.
    • 5. When the product is rented out, you will be notified for pick-up schedule. Be available with your listed item at the time of pickup.
    • 6. Get paid by our secure payment system within 2-3 working days from pickup date.
    • 7. Get your rented item back after the rental period.

    5. How to Take a Product on rent (Take On Rent) from Rentit4me?

      Rentit4me(R4ME) works as follows for the renters:
    • 1. Search what you are looking for.
    • 2. Register or Sign up on Rentit4me, if not done already.
    • 3. Choose the product you want to rent and click on “Take on Rent” to book the product for the dates you need and “Add to Cart”. You can choose self-pick up (if applicable) or delivery by us.
    • 4. Make the payment and complete your KYC, if not done.
    • 5. Return the item to the owner and leave a review.

    6. What things can I Rent from Rentit4Me?

    • You can Rent from our platform- Rent Furniture, Rent Drone, Rent Wedding Dresses and Rent Jewellery, Rent Appliances, Rent Car, Rent Bike, Rent Musical instruments, Rent Fitness equipment, Rent Books and Rent Toys and explore multiple other categories.

    About Us

    Rentit4me "R4ME" stands out as the leading rental marketplace. Rentit4me boasts an extensive collection of listings, allowing users to find and rent things they need. Whether it's home appliances on rent, jewellery on rent, electronic items on rent, furniture on rent, gym equipment on rent, musical instruments on rent, cars & bikes on rent, drones on rent, medical equipment on rent, or countless other items, Rentit4me offers a seamless and hassle-free renting process.

    Additionally, Rentit4me also provides an opportunity where individuals can effortlessly rent out their possessions by doing a free listing on Rentit4me and generate income.

    There's no paperwork involved, and you have the flexibility to customize the rental period according to your preferences. Start listing and monetizing your unused assets with Rentit4me today!

    Rent Furniture | Rent Drone | Rent Weddings Dresses| Rent jewellery| Rent Home Appliances | Rent Car | Rent Bike | Rent Musical instruments | Rent Fitness equipment |Rent Books | Rent Toys | Rent Camera & Lenses | Rent Gaming Console | Rent Baby Stuff | Rent Medical/Health Equipments