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Top 25 thing to rent out and earn money

Top 25 thing to rent out and earn money

Are you someone looking Out for ways to make some extra money? Well ! You’ve landed at the right place. We would talk about a source of side income where you can rent out things you own but use them occasionally.

You would agree that each thing you buy has a lifespan of a few years after which it will be a scrap. So, use this product's lifespan and make the most of it. Here is a list of lifespan of few electronics products:

Product Lifespan of Electronic Product
Desktop 3 Years
Television 8 Years
Refrigeratos 10 Years
Washing Machine 10 Years

Monetizing things you have already bought is the fastest way to earn money - simply rent them out. Renting out can give you a regular income and make your extra items a Profitable asset. So let’s start listing the best 25 things to rent out and make regular money.

According to the PWC report the Rental market is set to be $335 Billion globally by 2025.

Before we talk about things that you can Rent out, let's understand why renting is a convenient way to make money.

What makes Renting out a great way to make money:

  • Earning from things you don't use- Every household has things that they don't use or use occasionally. Such things can be put to use.

  • Recover the purchase cost- You can recover the purchase cost of the product by renting it out and making money.

  • Extra Income- Renting out your items will help you with an additional source of income.

  • Sustainability- Renting out things is a great way of sharing economy and helps to reduce waste. This is a way to positively contribute to the environment.

With the increasing cost of living, the renting business is thriving more than ever and the Internet accessibility is acting as a fuel in connecting the people who want to rent out their stuff and people looking to rent in.

Here is the list of 25 Top things to Rent out and make money:


drones rentit4me

You might be a technology enthusiast who keeps buying drones, but usethem occasionally, then renting out drones can be a great way to earn extra income.

The exhaustive cost of drones makes it out of reach for the average population. Due to the cost factor, renting drones looks more viable option to a large poplulation, because they can rent drones for their personal use without investing a big amount. So, use this opportunity to your benefit- just sign up on Rentit4me and rent out your collection of drones.

Cameras and Lenses

Cameras and their lenses usually go hand in hand. If you are a hobbyist and have already bought many different types of lenses for your DLSRs, which are now lying in the cupboard collecting dust, it's time to bring them out, Rent out and see how much rental income they can earn for you.

Cameras and Lenses rentit4me


toys rentit4me

Buying toys for children can be very costly, however they get children’s attention for a very short duration of time, maybe just a couple of months.It's quite surprising to know that $64,751,429,300 was globally spent this year on toys as per the world counts report.Sometimes parents are just looking out to try a costly toy before buying them, to see if their kid is really interested in it. So renting works as a win-win for both parties.This makes renting out toys a good opportunity to earn money and recover their cost.

Musical instruments

When someone starts learning a musical instrument like a Guitar, keyboard, etc, they do not want to invest in buying them for the first session itself. People usually rent these instruments for a while to see how their interest levels up before buying them. So, if you have a guitar, it can earn you a good rental income. You can check out what others have listed in the musical instrument category.

Musical instruments rentit4me

Luxury Car

Luxury Car rentit4me

If you are a passionate owner a luxurious cars, but the cars are sitting idle in your garage, you must turn them into money magnets by renting them to individuals who crave to drive luxury cars.

People love to drive luxurious cars on holidays to make their trips memorable. This is a great opportunity for you to rent out your luxurious high end cars and earn money.

Wedding Dresses and Jewellery

Indian weddings allocate a substantial amount for wedding dresses and jewelry in the wedding budget. Earlier people believed to buy wedding dress and keep them packed for their entire life as a sweet memory. But now, people have become more practical and they like to spend on something that they can use more frequently. So, renting wedding dresses has become popular nowadays. If you have your wedding couture, then put them at work and earn. You can simply sign in and rent out your wedding stuff.

Wedding Dresses and Jewellery rentit4me


Furniture rentit4me

Due to many reasons like a temporary living arrangement, changing needs, transferable jobs or to save upfront cost of buying furniture, people look to rent in furniture. So, if you have an extra dining table, side tables, almirah, sofa, study tables then you can list them on Rentit4me for the duration of your choice and earn.

Electronic Household appliances-

Indian weddings allocate a substantial amount for wedding dresses and jewelry in the wedding budget. Earlier people believed to buy wedding dress and keep them packed for their entire life as a sweet memory. But now, people have become more practical and they like to spend on something that they can use more frequently. So, renting wedding dresses has become popular nowadays. If you have your wedding couture, then put them at work and earn. You can simply sign in and rent out your wedding stuff.

Baby Gears

Baby Gears rentit4me

People usually want to travel light on holidays, but with young kids, parents need lots of stuff and baby gears like Prams, strollers, car seat, high chair etc. So, couples wish to rent-in these things at their holiday destination to avoid carrying bulky gears. If you are someone who bought baby gears for your kids, but kids have outgrown them, you can rent out on Rentit4me and share your joy with others.


Laptops are the most sought after product since the pandemic hit. Everyone needs a laptop, be it for work, travel, school, trading etc. If you have a spare laptop, you can rent it out as it can be very lucrative to people who need them for short use to complete the job.

laptop rentit4me


Services rentit4me
Services rentit4me

Are you the one who has a unique skill or talent like gardening skill, pet care, playing musical instruments, photography etc ? Renting them out can be both satisfying and profitable.

List your specialised skill or services on the online platform Rentit4me and find suitable customers.


Books are man's best friends. But after finishing reading a book, what do you do with it? Usually, it lies in your bookshelves and collects dust until you decide to share them with others. There is a famous saying ”Knowledge increases by sharing and not by saving”. So it's a great idea to rent out the books you already read and share them with your friends and earn money.

book rentit4me

Fitness Equipment

Fitness Equipment rentit4me

In today's busy life, there are many individuals who find it challenging to assign a fixed time for gyms, however they are cautious about their fitness and want to create a home gym that offers flexibility. But it is difficult to invest in buying gym equipments due to the upfront cost, so they opt to take them on rent.

If you have a treadmill, weight plates or a bench press which you bought but you rarely use, then consider renting out and earn as there is a substantial demand for such equipments in the market.


Generators are very expensive commodity but their life span is approximately 10-12 years, which makes them a very popular rental product. The generators are in regular demand, when organizing events or parties for uninterrupted power supply i.e short term use requirement.

If you have invested in a generator, you can easily find clients who are willing to rent them from you. Rent out will also help you recover the purchase cost or the

Generators rentit4me

Gaming Consoles

Gaming Consoles rentit4me

The gaming consoles are a high value product that cost about and might have a short term use like in vacations, parties or some other events. Sometimes parents also want to try a PS4 before making a buying choice, so renting them is a better and cost effective choice for the majority of people. Rentit4me provides you an online platform to list your gaming console for rent out and make money.

Construction Machines-

The construction projects usually require specialized machinery depending on their specifications and capacity. The contractors rent these specific machines whenever required depending on the project’s need without investing in them and maintaining them throughout the year. There are not many websites which facilitate listing heavy construction machines, however you can rent out your machines on rentit4me.

Medical Equipments

Medical Equipments rentit4me

There can be situations where families have disabled members who need wheelchairs, hospital beds or oxygen concentrators at home. In such scenarios people look out to rent the medical equipments for a short duration or till the time the person recovers. The global market size for medical equipment rental is appox. USD 50 billion. If you have bought any medical equipment during such an emergency situation and don’t need them now, list them right away on Rentit4me.

Bikes and Scooters

Have you ever been on a budget trip? The travel enthusiasts love to explore new places, food and mingle with local people. Such travellers often look for affordable and convenient means of local transportation.The Bike rental is the answer to fulfill their need, being the most affordable and flexible means of transportation. So rent out that extra bike or scooter on Rentit4me to the budget travelers

Bikes and Scooters rentit4me


Warehouse rentit4me

Do you know that warehouse sizes start from as small as 1000 sq ft to as big as 5,00,000 sq. ft? All businesses, shops, malls, retailers etc. rent space to store their stocks throughout the year. So, if you own a spare space, its a great opportunity for you to rent it out and start earning money.

Holidays homes

If you own a property like- a cottage, farm house, a beach facing villa or a homestay at any hill station, a tourist place or any other offbeat location you have an excellent chance of making money. Rentit4me is one such platform where you can list and rent them out to families, solo travelers, corporate groups for duration and time of your choice.

Holidays homes rentit4me

Mobile Washrooms

Mobile Washrooms rentit4me

Everyone needs clean and hygienic washrooms. There might be locations like - construction site, events, camping locations where there are inadequate facilities. At such locations, the mobile washrooms are helpful to suffice the needs. If you are a business owner who deals with portable or mobile washrooms, you can rent out and find suitable clients.


If you own many bicycles that you bought at different stages of your child’s growing up years , you can rent them out and encourage environment friendly and sustainable mode of transport .

You may find many people in your community who are looking for renting bicycles. So, by renting out you can make profit while helping others. You can list your extra bicycles on Rentit4me.

Bicycles rentit4me

DIY tools

DIY tools rentit4me

Renting out the DIY tools can be of great help to people looking to finish small home repairs and maintenance. People want access to up-to-date equipments but do not want to invest in them due to limited time use, so if you have the latest tools it’s a great opportunity for you to rent out and make money.

Bus Coaches

Are you a business owner who has the inventory of bus coaches? You can easily list them on India's 1st rental place Rentit4me, which will advertise your products and help you find prospective customers looking for coaches for family trips, business outings and help you make money.

Bus Coaches rentit4me

Hiking and Biking Gears

Hiking and Biking Gears rentit4me

Do you like adventurous trips to explore mountains and have invested in hiking shoes, navigation tools, tents etc ? But now they are lying in storage boxes until you figure out the next destination for an adventurous trip. Then just list and rent out your hiking gears and make money.

Through this article we have tried to give you enough ideas about things you can rent out and make money. There are many more things that you can rent out on Rentit4me… the list is endless.

So, wait no longer if you are considering making money by renting out your unutilized assets !.

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